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Hi, I’m ch0ccyra1n(she/her), Thanks for stopping by!

I’m a trans woman, nerd, and anarchist and occasionally post things here.

This is my website (you should have one too. even if you don’t think it’s important, it is.)

In my network…

Emerald Social iconMastodon Where I post short-form stuff
GitLab iconMy Gitlab Where I publish code
Insurgent iconMy Writings for The Student Insurgent


Insurgent iconThe Student Insurgent website
UO Student Workers iconUO Student Workers website (DEPRECATED)
Emerald Social iconEmerald Social Mastodon Instance
Sasquatch Bluesky to ActivityPub mirror (DEPRECATED)


proto-pinetta iconproto-pinetta Prototype of Pinetta, a federated Pinterest clone

Trans Rights Now! Anarchy Now! Tux the penguin winking at you to click on this button to go to the linux directory Jellyfin Bitwarden Emerald Social Translunar Academy Nano maia.crimew.gay Anything but Chrome Discord? No way!

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